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Definition of housekeeper:

  1. A house dog.
  2. One who does, or oversees, the work of keeping house; as, his wife is a good housekeeper; often, a woman hired to superintend the servants of a household and manage the ordinary domestic affairs.
  3. One who exercises hospitality, or has a plentiful and hospitable household.
  4. One who keeps or stays much at home.
  5. One who occupies a house with his family; a householder; the master or mistress of a family.


house girl, commissionaire, clerk, desk clerk, bellhop, chambermaid, wench, doorman, concierge, housewife, cleaner, skivvy, domestic, serving woman, biddy, hotelier, housemaid, maid, servant, maidservant, handmaiden, char, chimney sweep, cleaning lady, help, deckhand, bellboy, charwoman, caretaker.

Usage examples: