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Definition of housekeeping:

  1. Care of domestic concerns; management of a house and home affairs.
  2. Domestic; used in a family; as, housekeeping commodities.
  3. Hospitality; a liberal and hospitable table; a supply of provisions.
  4. The state of occupying a dwelling house as a householder.


husbandry, KP, artificial intelligence, strategy, authentication, hospitality tray, conspiracy, planning, order up, plot, homemaker, authoring, minibar, house husband, housebroken, domestic science, domesticated, access time, hotel, ABEND, stewardship, agreement, elbow grease, cleaning, board, blueprint, preparation, tactic, bed and breakfast, alpha test, housework, room service, batch, arrangements, background processing, A-D conversion, full board, home economy, room and board, cleanliness, hotel administration, plan, housewifery, AI.

Usage examples: