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Definition of huckster:

  1. A mean, trickish fellow.
  2. A retailer of small articles, of provisions, and the like; a peddler; a hawker.
  3. To deal in small articles, or in petty bargains.


incline, clear the throat, slope, deliver, set up, businessperson, chaffer, chew the fat, claver, higgle, haggle, flip, chat, peddler, salesman, dicker, cant, tilt, toss, shoot the breeze, gossip, shift, confab, lurch, gear, claver, hustler, cheap-jack, monger, agree, visit, palter, slant, bargain, pitch, peddle, chatter, vendor, vend, hawk, cant over, chitchat, jaw, sky, chit-chat, negotiate, natter, confabulate.

Usage examples: