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Definition of hulk:

  1. A heavy ship of clumsy build.
  2. Anything bulky or unwieldly.
  3. The body of a ship or decked vessel of any kind; esp., the body of an old vessel laid by as unfit for service.
  4. To take out the entrails of; to disembowel; as, to hulk a hare.


whale, frame, gamine, brood, stanchion, reign, clump, support, loom, hull, giant, tower, heavyweight, colossus, joist, brute, rule, chunk, rafter, he-man, hover, giant star, framework, titan, derelict, dominate, lug, mannikin, wreck, clodhopper, manikin, remains, bulk large, klutz, monster, Neanderthal, prevail, lump, gantry, hunk, foundation, bulk, palooka, buttress, meatball, oaf, lubber, clod, predominate, skeleton, meathead, beanpole, ox, scaffold, part, amazon, ruins, gawk, lummox, body, behemoth, goliath, mass, shambles, shell, lout, ability.

Usage examples: