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Definition of humdrum:

  1. A dull fellow; a bore.
  2. A low cart with three wheels, drawn by one horse.
  3. Monotonous and tedious routine.
  4. Monotonous; dull; commonplace.


pedestrian, monotonic, banal, shopworn, slow, numbing, monochromatic, stock, unglamorous, tiring, ponderous, stale, earthbound, drab, uninspired, excite, irksome, monotone, stodgy, trite, old, well-worn, ho-hum, unexciting, stupid, weariful, old-hat, dull, mind-numbing, leaden, hackneyed, monotonous, tired, weary, drudging, unglamourous, jejune, dusty, colorless, commonplace, jading, prosaic, stuffy, drear, prosy, sameness, trivial, matter-of-fact, heavy, flat, arid, threadbare, tame, monotony, common, timeworn, wearying.

Usage examples: