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Definition of humorous:

  1. Full of humor; jocular; exciting laughter; playful; as, a humorous story or author; a humorous aspect.
  2. Moist; humid; watery.
  3. Subject to be governed by humor or caprice; irregular; capricious; whimsical.


gilbertian, comic, dry, droll, tragicomical, laughable, slapstick, comical, ironical, hilarious, jesting, tragicomic, laughter, uproarious, seriocomic, farcical, jocular, clownish, witty, risible, humourous, screaming, buffoonish, seriocomical, killing, jocose, facetious, amusing, bantering, joking, clowlike, entertaining, wry, buffoonish, zany, tongue-in-cheek, sidesplitting, ridiculous, ironic, mirthful, comedic, funny, waggish, study at witty, ludicrous.

Usage examples: