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Definition of humour:

  1. To gratify by yielding to a particular inclination or desire; to indulge.
  2. Turn or temper of mind; the talent which perceives and generalises the peculiarities of persons or circumstances in a witty and kindly manner; caprice; present disposition.


nature, irony, irritation, mentality, witticism, merry thought, facetionsness, quip, disposition, brainpower, climate, pique, caprice, bent, vagary, turn, quibble, sense of humour, sense of humor, temper, Mood, whimsicality, whim, drollery, mood, biliousness, tendency, body fluid, card, burlesque, jest, temper, modality, irritability, snappishness, wag, toughness, surliness, brain, mode, fun, learning ability, peevishness, quirk, joke, liquid body substance, pleasantry, smartness, fancy, frame, bodily fluid, point, pettishness, wit, wittiness, wit, jocularity, satire, humor, mental capacity.

Usage examples: