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Definition of hundred:

  1. A division of a country in England, supposed to have originally contained a hundred families, or freemen.
  2. Ten times ten; five score; as, a hundred dollars.
  3. The product of ten mulitplied by ten, or the number of ten times ten; a collection or sum, consisting of ten times ten units or objects; five score. Also, a symbol representing one hundred units, as 100 or C.


myriad, crown, c, mountain, a load of/loads of something, passel, euro, fifteen, all manner of something, fistful, plateful, carload, slew, century, abundance, much, degree centigrade, stack, eleven, spate, bundle, eighty, bushel, potful, plenitude, a hundred, wad, bunch, peck, coulomb, sight, reams, truckload, cytosine, deal, oodles, chunk, cent, ct., cardinal number, fifty, bit, pack, yard, barrel, pot, profusion, loads, bucket, shipload, store, number, five, heap, 100, light speed, a lot/lots, nose candy, AUD, multiplicity, coke, plenty, sheaf, volume, crore, mess, degree Celsius, lashings, five score, scads, dollar, mass, snow, quantity, eighteen, eight, raft, basketful, ampere-second, ascorbic acid, a good/great deal of something, carbon, atomic number 6, boatload, speed of light, ton, pile, plentitude, vitamin C, cardinal, blow, one C, dime, centred, quite a few, one hundred, dinar, good deal, wealth, gobs, deoxycytidine monophosphate.

Usage examples: