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Definition of hunt:

  1. A district of country hunted over.
  2. A pack of hounds.
  3. An association of huntsmen.
  4. The act or practice of chasing wild animals; chase; pursuit; search.
  5. The game secured in the hunt.
  6. To be in a state of instability of movement or forced oscillation, as a governor which has a large movement of the balls for small change of load, an arc- lamp clutch mechanism which moves rapidly up and down with variations of current, or the like; also, to seesaw, as a pair of alternators working in parallel.
  7. To drive; to chase; - with down, from, away, etc.; as, to hunt down a criminal; he was hunted from the parish.
  8. To follow the chase; to go out in pursuit of game; to course with hounds.
  9. To move or shift the order of ( a bell) in a regular course of changes.
  10. To search diligently after; to seek; to pursue; to follow; - often with out or up; as, to hunt up the facts; to hunt out evidence.
  11. To search for or follow after, as game or wild animals; to chase; to pursue for the purpose of catching or killing; to follow with dogs or guns for sport or exercise; as, to hunt a deer.
  12. To seek; to pursue; to search; - with for or after.
  13. To shift up and down in order regularly.
  14. To use or manage in the chase, as hounds.
  15. To use or traverse in pursuit of game; as, he hunts the woods, or the country.


ladder, ply, function, nose out, unravel, campaign, execute, bunk, decipher, investigation, trace, describe, fishing, run, break away, shooting, bleed, flow, prosecution, scat, raid, draw, inquisition, go, pursuing, William Holman Hunt, run for, feed, lam, melt, Holman Hunt, james henry leigh hunt, retrace, research, Leigh Hunt, take to the woods, escape, steeplechase, cast about, course, guide, scrutiny, exploration, run away, lookup, hunt club, scarper, tend, pursuit, trailing, richard morris hunt, seeking, die hard, reconnaissance, extend, race, hound, pass, inquest, track down, examination, rummage, operate, hunting, probe, persist, play, work, melt down, move, drive, meddling, delineate, turn tail, sporting, look, hightail it, line, endure, hunt down, search, study, head for the hills, range, lean, prevail, fly the coop, inquiry, black market, get, tracing, interrogation, carry, be given, prying, lead, consort, sport, run down, following, incline, game.

Usage examples: