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Definition of hypnotic:

  1. A person who exhibits the phenomena of, or is subject to, hypnotism.
  2. Any agent that produces, or tends to produce, sleep; an opiate; a soporific; a narcotic.
  3. Having the quality of producing sleep; tending to produce sleep; soporific.
  4. Of or pertaining to hypnotism; in a state of hypnotism; liable to hypnotism; as, a hypnotic condition.


lenitive, somniferous, awareness, soothing, sleepy, calmative, spellbinding, sleep-producing, trance-inducing, attractive, sedative, opiate, somnifacient, narcotic, mesmerizing, somnific, anesthetic, soporiferous, sleep-inducing, anodyne, pertaining to hypnosis, slumberous, soporific, mesmeric, somnolent.

Usage examples: