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Definition of ice:

  1. Any substance having the appearance of ice; as, camphor ice.
  2. Concreted sugar.
  3. To chill or cool, as with ice; to freeze.
  4. To cover with ice; to convert into ice, or into something resembling ice.
  5. To cover with icing, or frosting made of sugar and milk or white of egg; to frost, as cakes, tarts, etc.
  6. Water, cream, custard, etc., sweetened, flavored, and artificially frozen.


methamphetamine, icing the puck, iceberg, chunk ice, deoxyephedrine, looking glass, tripe, nut, grouch, meth, chicken feed, ice cube, scrap, icing, frappe, white ice, floe, trash, scratch, applesauce, wish-wash, glassful, permafrost, ice rink, churl, crushed ice, codswallop, scum, ice-skating rink, hail, glass, dry ice, crystal, grump, nut case, frost, folderol, starter, shabu, frosting, internal-combustion engine, chalk, crackpot, icicle, rubbish, field glass, sparkler, spyglass, sorbet, drinking glass, fruitcake, glacier, black ice, crosspatch, trumpery, water ice, screwball, methamphetamine hydrochloride, crank.

Usage examples: