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Definition of icon:

  1. A sacred picture representing the Virgin Mary, Christ, a saint, or a martyr, and having the same function as an image of such a person in the Latin Church.
  2. An image or representation; a portrait or pretended portrait.


paradigm, pic, standout, prototype, light, active window, trope, notability, objectification, epitome, movie, persona, scene, collar, word-painting, externalization, somebody, look-alike, characterisation, button, megastar, glyph, superstar, illustration, incarnation, blank, collection plate, range of a function, personification, picture show, cassock, living legend, personifier, name, image, notoriety, blip, incorporation, star, personage, picture, video, impression, figure, personality, effigy, flick, word picture, Easter egg, cause célèbre, the glitterati, abstract, photo, god, embodier, checkbox, button bar, film, bar, genius, notable, cross, figure of speech, ikon, delineation, biretta, public figure, mental image, motion-picture show, motion picture, moving picture, depiction, avatar, dog collar, range, crucifix, celeb, VIP, mental picture, pictorial matter, painting, luminary, characterization, box, chalice, altar, sleb, cell, big name, photograph, moving-picture show, hero, manifestation, instantiation, celebrity, exposure.

Usage examples: