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Definition of ideal:

  1. A mental conception regarded as a standard of perfection; a model of excellence, beauty, etc.
  2. Existing in fancy or imagination only; visionary; unreal.
  3. Existing in idea or thought; conceptional; intellectual; mental; as, ideal knowledge.
  4. Imaginary.
  5. Reaching an imaginary standard of excellence; fit for a model; faultless; as, ideal beauty.
  6. Teaching the doctrine of idealism; as, the ideal theory or philosophy.


sublime, aspiration, hope, angel, idealistic, noble-minded, good, idol, rarefied, holy person, standard, holy man, saint, down-to-earth, elevated, mercurial, typical, romantic, deification, unreal, absolute, perfect, grand, excellent, paradigm, utopian, exemplar, nonpareil, archetypical, abstract, practical, exalted, ensample, rarified, precedent, paragon, visionary, theoretical, chimerical, impractical, consummate, extravagant, dream, nonesuch, Panglossian, beau ideal, pattern, perfection, apotheosis, archetypical, warning, typical, fanciful, mirror, prototypical, dreamlike, practicable, impracticable, type, high-flown, quixotic, prototypical, archetype, lofty, exemplification, unearthly, nonsuch, fitting, fictitious, supreme, imaginary, exaltation, high-minded.

Usage examples: