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Definition of ill:

  1. Contrary to good, in a moral sense; evil; wicked; wrong; iniquitious; naughtly; bad; improper.
  2. Contrary to good, in a physical sense; contrary or opposed to advantage, happiness, etc.; bad; evil; unfortunate; disagreeable; unfavorable.
  3. In a ill manner; badly; weakly.
  4. Not according with rule, fitness, or propriety; incorrect; rude; unpolished; inelegant.
  5. Sick; indisposed; unwell; diseased; disordered; as, ill of a fever.
  6. Whatever annoys or impairs happiness, or prevents success; evil of any kind; misfortune; calamity; disease; pain; as, the ills of humanity.
  7. Whatever is contrary to good, in a moral sense; wickedness; depravity; iniquity; wrong; evil.


sorrow, green, lightheaded, ill fortune, bilious, unhinged, baleful, disturb, bad, tuberculous, adversity, minatory, disturbed, demented, sinister, livery, visitation, bronchitic, tubercular, feverish, sick, seriously, distress, wan, afflicted, sickish, misery, help, fed up, hurtful, naughtily, adverse, laid low, chastening, disaster, aguish, tribulation, unfortunate, unwell, gouty, ruin, carsick, harm, mischance, upset, badly, complaint, threatening, blow, tired of, brainsick, sneezy, unbalanced, severely, sick of, macabre, disgusted, funny, failure, indisposed, bedridden, laid up, infirm, hallucinating, faint, delirious, stroke, giddy, minacious, injurious, disappointment, inauspicious, ominous, forbidding, health, detrimental, queasy, vertiginous, poorly, light, ailing, unpropitious, liverish, nauseated, untoward, harmful, trial, bereavement, menstruating, feverous, convalescent, wicked, ill luck, disadvantageously, reverse, seasick, unfavorable, consumptive, mischievous, down, hurt, pale, peaked, hardship, dizzy, swooning, airsick, light-headed, misadventure, unhealed, chastisement, dyspeptic, stricken, under the weather, hostile, pallid, mischievously, woozy, trouble, bedrid, diabetic, scrofulous, luck, recovering, crazy, mishap, deleterious, gravely, bedfast, ailment, ghastly, menacing, spastic, charge, grisly, be unfavorable to, sick-abed, mad, sickly, gruesome, grim.

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