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Definition of immaterial:

  1. Not consisting of matter; incorporeal; spiritual; disembodied.
  2. Of no substantial consequence; without weight or significance; unimportant; as, it is wholly immaterial whether he does so or not.


neutral, incorporeal, orthogonal, deaf, nonmaterial, unbodied, apathetic, disembodied, unbiased, nonphysical, relevant, unembodied, irreverent, discorporate, saucy, metaphysical, trivial, shadowy, impertinent, body, substantial, real, smart, meaningless, bodiless, unimportant, unnecessary, indifferent, spiritual, intangible, so-so, impudent, rectangular, aerial, ghostly, uncorporal, physical, metaphysical, overbold, inert, sassy, pert, fresh, insubstantial, discarnate, irrelevant, extraneous, unbiassed, wise, insignificant.

Usage examples: