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Definition of immature:

  1. Not mature; unripe; not arrived at perfection of full development; crude; unfinished; as, immature fruit; immature character; immature plans.
  2. Premature; untimely; too early; as, an immature death.


formative, untested, youngish, childly, pupal, half-grown, teenage, teen, fledgeless, preadolescent, youth, fleeceable, little, unvaned, inchoative, green, baby, babyish, early, preteen, untried, juvenile, infantile, larval, vernal, schoolgirlish, unripe, infant, light-green, unseasoned, dark-green, puppylike, greenish, adolescent, boylike, pubescent, unaged, unripened, teenaged, prepupal, new, puerile, small, inexperienced, childish, unsophisticated, youthful, embryonic, vulnerable, unfeathered, prepubertal, sophomoric, underdeveloped, embryonal, gullible, undeveloped, boyish, jejune, callow, schoolboyish, puppyish, naive, newborn, girlish, junior, prepubescent, fledgling, unfledged, unformed, tender, childlike.

Usage examples: