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Definition of immobilize:

  1. To make immovable; in surgery, to make immovable ( a naturally mobile part, as a joint) by the use of splints, or stiffened bandages.


jam, lug, pin down, blank out, stymy, embarrass, freeze out, cannibalize, snare, trammel, bar, incapacitate, flick, knock out, flip off, flash, deflect, continue, block up, draw a blank, choke up, break, close up, paralyze, kibosh, impede, ensnare, stymie, parry, help, deactivate, stuff, entrap, pin, disable, hold, barricade, freeze down, hold back, intercept, cripple, block off, obturate, stop dead, hinder, tie up, trap, block, disengage, cut, halt, forget, suspend, occlude, freeze, blockade, obstruct, immobilise.

Usage examples: