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Definition of impediment:

  1. That which impedes or hinders progress, motion, activity, or effect.
  2. To impede.


tab, fault, checkout, retardation, ataxia, baulk, rafter, obstruction, prohibition, trammel, balk, curb, hitch, halt, tie, disabled, predicament, obstructor, thwarter, stumbling block, stuttering, wall, confirmation, hindrance, assay, chip, red tape, open, rub, disablement, preventive, joker, difficulty, problem, barricade, hamper, verification, impairment, check-out procedure, setback, check mark, manacle, help, the blind, holdup, accessible, developmental disability, hinderance, inconvenience, stammering, substantiation, flaw, deterrent, load, tick, disability, preventative, traverse, bar, cramp, incumbrance, aid, bank check, challenged, cheque, chit, arrest, handicap, embarrassment, obstructionist, halting, check, impedimenta, dumb, detriment, obstructer, chain, gridlock, resister.

Usage examples: