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Definition of impersonate:

  1. To ascribe the qualities of a person to; to personify.
  2. To assume, or to represent, the person or character of; to personate; as, he impersonated Macbeth.
  3. To invest with personality; to endow with the form of a living being.


posture, place, bewilder, dress as, attitudinize, stick, model, double for, position, represent, play, act the part of, gravel, pass for, amaze, mystify, act a part, beat, put, pretend to be, limn, assume the character of, do, sit, dumbfound, enact, honest, portray, pose, perplex, set, present, play-act, performing arts, baffle, action, put on an act, perform, vex, stupefy, substitute, depict, personate, nonplus, personify, flummox, get, represent, act, pass, act out, lay, pose as, puzzle.

Usage examples: