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Definition of impish:

  1. See imp.


rascally, can take a joke, cockeyed, yucky, fuddled, soused, crocked, repellant, repellent, slopped, prankish, laugh at yourself, terrible, pie-eyed, puckish, pixie, patronising, implike, naughty, wicked, sly, knavish, stiff, patronizing, loathsome, see the funny side of something, skanky, comic, scampish, pissed, besotted, elfish, leprechaunish, flippant, facetious, blotto, sloshed, disgusting, repelling, elvish, severe, frisky, pixilated, mischievous, distasteful, tricksy, pixieish, loathly, sinful, devilish, disgustful, work, foul, espi├Ęgle, plastered, smashed, arch, soaked, tight, squiffy, rude, condescending, frolicsome, roguish, blind drunk, sozzled, jaunty, playful, waggish, comedy, loaded, sportive, wet, I love it, ironic, revolting, unholy.

Usage examples: