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Definition of implement:

  1. That which fulfills or supplies a want or use; esp., an instrument, toll, or utensil, as supplying a requisite to an end; as, the implements of trade, of husbandry, or of war.
  2. To accomplish; to fulfill.
  3. To fulfill or perform, as a contract or an engagement.
  4. To provide with an implement or implements; to cause to be fulfilled, satisfied, or carried out, by means of an implement or implements.


mechanism, follow up, exploit, follow through, ensure, put something into action, fulfil, put on, hold, perform, go through, discharge, see, weapon, invoke, put/bring/carry something into effect, automation, adopt, run through, down, go through with, actuate, carry through, impose, go for, big beast, put through, experience, progress, follow out, clunker, realize, accomplish, black box, keep, accouterments, utilise, do, work through, means, carry out, enforce, automaton, action, lend oneself, give, fulfill, obligation, go across, over, execute, devour, pass, used, consume, array.

Usage examples: