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Definition of implicate:

  1. To bring into connection with; to involve; to connect; - applied to persons, in an unfavorable sense; as, the evidence implicates many in this conspiracy; to be implicated in a crime, a discreditable transaction, a fault, etc.
  2. To infold; to fold together; to interweave.


twist, embroil, criminate, fee-tail, mean, involve, writhe, embrangle, complicate, prefer charges (against someone), weave, remonstrate, embrangle, mire, ply, draw in, wreathe, ensnare, inweave, deride, relate, lace, interweave, associate, connect, attack, intertwist, rebuke, find fault with, suck, entangle, stigmatize, entail, mix up, participate, tie up with, reprimand, entwine, link, embarrass, bring someone up on charges of something, enlace, interlace, denigrate, free, catch up in, include, bring before, overwhelm, put down, compromise, imply, catch up.

Usage examples: