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Definition of importance:

  1. Import; meaning; significance.
  2. Importunity; solicitation.
  3. Subject; matter.
  4. The quality or state of being important; consequence; weight; moment; significance.


attention, splendor, seriousness, sizeableness, sense, standing, splendour, caliber, moment, weight, force, triviality, denotation, drift, weightiness, stress, interest, relevance, concern, immensity, significance, purport, grandeur, quality, fame, meaning, gist, magnificence, signification, richness, point, substance, brilliance, moment, value, gravity, distinction, usefulness, effect, significancy, emphasis, essence, magnitude, enormousness, accent, wideness, vastness, concernment, grandness, important, impressiveness, immenseness, bearing, tenor, greatness, insignificance.

Usage examples: