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Definition of impostor:

  1. One who imposes upon others; a person who assumes a character or title not his own, for the purpose of deception; a pretender.


postiche, deceiver, true, fakir, phoney, hypocrite, ringer, study at quack, actor, impersonator, put-on, wheeler-dealer, sharper, pseudo, player, imposter, quacksalver, pretender, juke, quack, role player, malingerer, humbug, thespian, fraud, quack, hoaxer, politician, brown-nose, mountebank, dissimulator, sham, skulker, crook, fixer, shammer, charlatan, dupery, pseud, cheat, con artist, dissembler, hoax, mountebank, conman, fake, histrion, charlatan, phony, liar, faker, fraudulence, masquerader.

Usage examples: