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Definition of impractical:

  1. Not practical.


quixotic, meshuga, aired, used, impossible, visionary, wordy, unnegotiable, meshugge, illogical, unreal, ivory-tower, tedious, abstract, aerial, airy, unrealizable, aery, screwball, chimerical, windy, thrive, out of the question, utopian, breezy, speculative, impracticable, possible, unattainable, crazy, unfunctional, romantic, unreasonable, unfeasible, aeriform, infeasible, idealistic, theoretical, impossible, wild-eyed, wild, blowy, impracticable, armchair, half-baked, ethereal, long-winded, unwise, inefficacious, improbable, unthinkable, verbose, absurd, softheaded.

Usage examples: