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Definition of impress:

  1. A device. See Impresa.
  2. A mark made by pressure; an indentation; imprint; the image or figure of anything, formed by pressure or as if by pressure; result produced by pressure or influence.
  3. Characteristic; mark of distinction; stamp.
  4. Fig.: To fix deeply in the mind; to present forcibly to the attention, etc.; to imprint; to inculcate.
  5. The act of impressing or making.
  6. The act of impressing, or taking by force for the public service; compulsion to serve; also, that which is impressed.
  7. To be impressed; to rest.
  8. To press, stamp, or print something in or upon; to mark by pressure, or as by pressure; to imprint ( that which bears the impression).
  9. To produce by pressure, as a mark, stamp, image, etc.; to imprint ( a mark or figure upon something).
  10. To take by force for public service; as, to impress sailors or money.


make a motion, feign, grain, fix, form, inspire, collide with, bear upon, intrigue, hit, indentation, happen upon, impressment, infuse, stir, outline, go, streak, impinge on, be active, imprint, locomote, expunge, coin, regard, impression, move, grave, excite, implant, light upon, strickle, motivate, drive, awe, dent, instill, wow, act, publish, touch on, take up, pound, dissemble, mark out, attain, inscribe, instil, strike, drill, discover, ingrain, affect, prompt, yarn-dye, attract, pretend, fall, travel, incite, come upon, run into, shine, come to, sway, propel, excise, chance upon, scratch, fascinate, draw, mint, etch, interest, indent, teach, mark, grab, shanghai, inculcate, get, stand out, displace, take, chance on, come across, proceed, enthuse, impregnate, circle, assume, print, disturb, touch, fall upon, MARKS, carve, involve, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, fire someone with enthusiasm, sham, transfuse, engrave, influence, actuate, tincture, impact, run, bear on, walk out, get to.

Usage examples: