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Definition of impressive:

  1. Capable of being impressed.
  2. Making, or tending to make, an impression; having power to impress; adapted to excite attention and feeling, to touch the sensibilities, or affect the conscience; as, an impressive discourse; an impressive scene.


heroic, momentous, fulgurous, dramatic, splendid, thundering, touching, amazing, formidable, eloquent, uninteresting, staggering, telltale, intense, profound, wide, efficacious, affecting, vital, striking, gallant, impactful, stunning, awful, baronial, effectual, astonishing, deep, fulgurant, effective, penetrating, stirring, proud, rousing, high, magnificent, resounding, stupefying, dazzling, stately, affecting, glorious, high-sounding, persuasive, awesome, dull, remarkable, mind-boggling, king-size, touch, poignant, grandiose, telling, moving, notable, awe-inspiring, extraordinary, lofty, noble, astounding, expansive, convincing, majestic, important-looking, stirring, absorbing, emotional, cogent, arresting, memorable, grand, sensational, moving, imposing, awing, inspiring, revealing, admirable, weighty, spectacular, exciting, palatial, signal, brilliant, thrilling.

Usage examples: