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Definition of imprison:

  1. To limit, restrain, or confine in any way.
  2. To put in prison or jail; To arrest and detain in custody; to confine.


toss away, shut away, cast aside, cast out, lock, dawdle, detain, send up, hold as hostage, throw away, send back, discard, lay in lavender, chuck out, shut in, detain, throw in jail, coop up, jail, slap in the can, intern, tuck in, gaol, box in, tuck away, lag, send up the river, rail in, incarcerate, remit, fling, commit to an institution, dispose, bottle up, keep as captive, clap under hatches, fall behind, immure, bolt in, put away, free, put to sleep, dress in steel, cast away, institutionalize, lock away, hold captive, keep in, shut up, toss, circumscribe, put behind bars, keep in custody, remand, intern, lock in, commit, put aside, closet, send to prison, fence in, throw out, toss out, fall back, jug.

Usage examples: