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Definition of impudence:

  1. The quality of being impudent; assurance, accompanied with a disregard of the presence or opinions of others; shamelessness; forwardness; want of modesty.


incrustation, incivility, assurance, confidence, sassiness, trust, cheekiness, insolence, crust, bile, perkiness, self-reliance, chutzpah, sauce, encrustation, dis, sauciness, presumption, inconsiderateness, overconfidence, resentment, self-confidence, freshness, inconsideration, discourtesy, familiarity, rancour, rudeness, courtesy, nerve, self-assertion, mouth, effrontery, bitterness, archness, uppityness, gall, audacity, impoliteness, assumption, discourteousness, sass, assertion, nerviness, disrespectfulness, brashness, boldness, buttock, novelty, brazenness, attitude, impertinency, saddle sore, impertinence, pushiness, arrogance, cheek, uppishness, forwardness, presumptuousness, face, ungraciousness, rancor, pertness, glow, impudency, audaciousness, backchat, brass.

Usage examples: