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Definition of in:

  1. A reentrant angle; a nook or corner.
  2. Not out; within; inside. In, the preposition, becomes an adverb by omission of its object, leaving it as the representative of an adverbial phrase, the context indicating what the omitted object is; as, he takes in the situation ( i. e., he comprehends it in his mind); the Republicans were in ( i. e., in office); in at one ear and out at the other ( i. e., in or into the head); his side was in ( i. e., in the turn at the bat); he came in ( i. e., into the house).
  3. One who is in office; - the opposite of out.
  4. The specific signification of in is situation or place with respect to surrounding, environment, encompassment, etc. It is used with verbs signifying being, resting, or moving within limits, or within circumstances or conditions of any kind conceived of as limiting, confining, or investing, either wholly or in part. In its different applications, it approaches some of the meanings of, and sometimes is interchangeable with, within, into, on, at, of, and among.
  5. To inclose; to take in; to harvest.
  6. With privilege or possession; - used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin; as, in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband.
  7. With reference to a limit of time; as, in an hour; it happened in the last century; in all my life.
  8. With reference to a whole which includes or comprises the part spoken of; as, the first in his family; the first regiment in the army.
  9. With reference to character, reach, scope, or influence considered as establishing a limitation; as, to be in one's favor.
  10. With reference to circumstances or conditions; as, he is in difficulties; she stood in a blaze of light.
  11. With reference to movement or tendency toward a certain limit or environment; - sometimes equivalent to into; as, to put seed in the ground; to fall in love; to end in death; to put our trust in God.
  12. With reference to physical surrounding, personal states, etc., abstractly denoted; as, I am in doubt; the room is in darkness; to live in fear.
  13. With reference to space or place; as, he lives in Boston; he traveled in Italy; castles in the air.


debonair, colored, up, afloat, beyond, all the rage, on the market, posh, interior, advance poll, ball boy, at, subsequently, when, fidelity, course, brash, before, through, code switching, ace, disenfranchise, crisscross, after, checked, declamatory, exclusive, usual, large, attired, chatty, checkered, near, fluent, seasonal, booking office, AL, trendy, ahead, faddish, weather, break point, hep, while, following, swell, du jour, inch, in the midst of something, articulate, flush, B.C., crowd-pleasing, internal, campaign, about, clean, surrounding, inner, over, dark, ft., groovy, diffuse, across, zone, bespectacled, until, forward, advancing, Indiana, successful, basis, inwards, favorite, for sale, -clad, clay, candy-striped, dappled, broken, bleached, fluency, arr., book on, board, CA, procedure, crisp, hedged in with/by, aboard, Ariz., into, wish to harm, against, inside, modish, bright, since, acting, tactic, around, encode, chic, climate, communicative competence, AK, mod, fashionable, alley, stylish, length, out, fresh, means, downtown, attending, by-election, hate, foot, chequered, chronological, checkerboard, Hoosier State, current, on the open market, enclosed, inward, direct elections, hit the town/street, etc., happening, up to the minute, atomic number 49, swanky, dramatic, advantage, along, circuitous, cubit, drip, climatic, now, anglophone, red-hot, centimeter, bold, on offer, oncoming, with-it, AR, style, chintzy, beauty contest, cross-dressing, technique, under, election, upcoming, state-of-the-art, modernistic, meteorology, vogue, discursive, color-coded, be out to destroy, succeeding, ahead of your/its etc. time, futuristic, def, method, here, bus, AZ, barometer, bound for something, cm., swish, indium, opposite, dashing, clothed, swank, hot, ebb, centimetre, whenever, the Davis Cup, way, snappy, clad, advanced, big, weather forecast, incoming, mode, indoors, all, popular, voguish, column inch, bilingual, a la mode, ball girl, in the course of time, this, then, rep, dapper, ensuing, subsequent, conversational, bookable, corseted, popularized, supercool, apart, on, Ark., sometime, contemporary, bore, elect, at home, toward, eddy, au courant, space-age, from all sides, faddy, flow, landlocked, Alas., chad, sharp, even, in the round, classy, direct, ablaze, within, maelstrom, by, aisle seat, detest, down, turned-on, go up, method acting, temperate, throughout, economical, break, electioneering, booking, meanwhile, false beginner, in time, Ala., for the duration, smart, during, hip, spell, modern, cold, trig, cool, pop, Anglo, tony, last, system, manner.

Usage examples:

  • Meet you in Baguio.

    - "The Golden Skull", John Blaine.
  • I won't go in there!

    - "They of the High Trails", Hamlin Garland.
  • " Come in," said Ermengarde.

    - "The Children of Wilton Chase", Mrs. L. T. Meade.