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Definition of inanity:

  1. An inane, useless thing or pursuit; a vanity; a silly object; - chiefly in pl.; as, the inanities of the world.
  2. Inanition; void space; vacuity; emptiness.
  3. Want of seriousness; aimlessness; frivolity.


fatuousness, nuttiness, nonsensicalness, simplicity, lunacy, pointlessness, imbecility, unwisdom, rashness, witlessness, vacuity, heedlessness, hollowness, mindlessness, balminess, wackiness, foolery, vacuousness, zaniness, foppery, dippiness, bĂȘtise, senselessness, barrenness, vacuum, full, insanity, daftness, madness.

Usage examples: