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Definition of incense:

  1. Also used figuratively.
  2. The materials used for the purpose of producing a perfume when burned, as fragrant gums, spices, frankincense, etc.
  3. The perfume or odors exhaled from spices and gums when burned in celebrating religious rites or as an offering to some deity.
  4. To inflame with anger; to endkindle; to fire; to incite; to provoke; to heat; to madden.
  5. To offer incense to. See Incense.
  6. To perfume with, or as with, incense.
  7. To set on fire; to inflame; to kindle; to burn.


exasperate, aureole, flannel, outrage, idol, blarney, provoke, soft soap, flame, frankincense, iconography, infuriate, adulation, god, sandalwood, spice, bother, exacerbate, butter, joss stick, overpraise, frustrate, balm, annoy, enrage, punk, cense, halo, fragrancy, antagonize, anger, burnt offering, attar, thurify, myrrh, feelings, sweet talk, odor, drive someone mad, mandala, taffy, make one hot under the collar, worsen, aggravate, irritate, fuel, madden.

Usage examples: