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Definition of incentive:

  1. Inciting; encouraging or moving; rousing to action; stimulative.
  2. Serving to kindle or set on fire.
  3. That which moves or influences the mind, or operates on the passions; that which incites, or has a tendency to incite, to determination or action; that which prompts to good or ill; motive; spur; as, the love of money, and the desire of promotion, are two powerful incentives to action.


inducement, stimulant, spur, excuse, motivator, inducing, catalyst, whip, exhortation, determinant, ground, spring, push, come-on, cause, stimulator, purpose, encouragement, persuasion, encouragement, inspiration, fillip, goad, motive, reason, urge, reason why, bonus, influence, rationale, allurement, bait.

Usage examples: