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Definition of incident:

  1. Coming or happening accidentally; not in the usual course of things; not in connection with the main design; not according to expectation; casual; fortuitous.
  2. Dependent upon, or appertaining to, another thing, called the principal.
  3. Falling or striking upon, as a ray of light upon a reflecting surface.
  4. Liable to happen; apt to occur; befalling; hence, naturally happening or appertaining.
  5. Something appertaining to, passing with, or depending on, another, called the principal.
  6. That which falls out or takes place; an event; casualty; occurrence.
  7. That which happens aside from the main design; an accidental or subordinate action or event.


hap, side, accident, study at occurrence, by, concomitant, event, bye, misadventure, ensuant, attendant, episode, conflict, resultant, contingency, accompanying, misfortune, hazard, fortuity, adventure, event, calamity, casualty, disturbance, occasion, nonessential, chance, incidental, consequent, thing, peripheral, secondary, development, parenthetic, sequent, disaster, mishap, parenthetical, happen, possibility.

Usage examples: