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Definition of incite:

  1. To move to action; to stir up; to rouse; to spur or urge on.


offset, egg on, influence, locomote, sic, proceed, prompt, provoke, talk into, explode, remind, countenance, travel, persuade, abet, make a motion, embolden, uphold, prick, trigger off, bring out, pique, cancel, shake up, run, induce, excite, blow up, promote, detonate, touch off, start out, animate, dig, displace, poke, cue, actuate, instigate, propel, spur, work up, poke at, fan the flame, affect, set out, spark off, inflame, be active, take off, vex, urge on, work up, heat, hold sway over, impress, spur, part, whip up, nudge, depart, set forth, support, coax, set-off, jab, disturb, ignite, taunt, strike, prod, inspire, trigger, stab, excite, stir up, start, agitate, act, activate, rouse, commove, advocate, assist, trip, wake, raise up, sanction, blow the coals, inspirit, aid, prick, motivate, lash into a fury, whip on, provoke, move, go, exhort, fire up, encourage.

Usage examples: