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Definition of inclination:

  1. A bending or sloping either downwards or upwards; the direction of one body with respect to another when measured by the angle formed at the point of meeting; tendency or leaning towards; bias of mind or will; propensity; desire; love : inclined plane, a sloping surface; one of the five mechanical powers.


Want, magnetic dip, ramp, leaning, incline, crook, rise, affection, drop, careen, diagonal, magnetic inclination, purpose, cock, contestation, inclination of an orbit, liking, upgrade, desire, inclining, design, lean, schtick, posture, acclivity, angle, partiality, plunge, pitch, pickpocket, adjacent angles, mark, capacity, tilt, intention, disposition, devices, temper, azimuth, preference, declivity, wish, disputation, craving, angle of dip, conduct, yearning, controversy, susceptibility, hill, cutpurse, whim, determination, aptitude, complementary angles, attachment, disposal, bow, end, obtuse angle, turn, behavior, capability, gradient, goal, cant, urge, list, grade, aspiration, listing, dip, impulse, thirst, bevel, incline, corresponding angles, downgrade, movement, instinct, attraction, bending, contention, acute angle, ache, habitude, endeavor, hankering, disceptation, weakness, joust, bank, human nature, bend, heel, complement, tip, arguing, idiosyncrasy, intent, rock, object, grade, straight, bone, longing, genius, argument, rake, angle of inclination, sway, fall, spirit, free fall, drift, tendency, fondness, angling, outlook.

Usage examples: