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Definition of incline:

  1. An inclined plane; an ascent o descent; a grade or gradient; a slope.
  2. Fig.: To lean or tend, in an intellectual or moral sense; to favor an opinion, a course of conduct, or a person; to have a propensity or inclination; to be disposed.
  3. To bend; to cause to stoop or bow; as, to incline the head or the body in acts of reverence or civility.
  4. To bow; to incline the head.
  5. To cause to deviate from a line, position, or direction; to give a leaning, bend, or slope to; as, incline the column or post to the east; incline your head to the right.
  6. To deviate from a line, direction, or course, toward an object; to lean; to tend; as, converging lines incline toward each other; a road inclines to the north or south.
  7. To impart a tendency or propensity to, as to the will or affections; to turn; to dispose; to influence.


go, tilt, deviate, bleed, carry, grade, melt, lam, huckster, pitch, hunt, throw out, squint, ramp, monger, flow, extend, face, yield, turn, draw, crook, persist, gradient, run away, straight, wild leek, hightail it, campaign, put away, heel, cast away, vend, grade, set up, lean, like, toss away, execute, twist, race, pass, consort, likely, deliver, cast aside, position, bias, affect, qualify, rise, persuade, curve, inclined plane, hawk, flip, peddle, feed, scarper, range, cast out, track down, side, endure, throw away, run, be given, slope, die hard, dispose, run for, slant, mold, escape, gear, take to the woods, prevail, bend, cant over, hunt down, inclination, black market, ply, bunk, sway, approach, cant, inclination, move, twine, list, diverge, fly the coop, predispose, sky, head for the hills, deflect, play, influence, side of meat, course, function, shift, scat, operate, trend, toss, toss out, unravel, chuck out, work, lurch, bow, discard, ladder, guide, lead, tip, melt down, angle, turn tail, rake, submit, tend, break away, fling, stoop, warp.

  • tend (part of speech: verb)

Usage examples: