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Definition of incumbrance:

  1. A burden or charge upon property; a claim or lien upon an estate, which may diminish its value.
  2. A burdensome and troublesome load; anything that impedes motion or action, or renders it difficult or laborious; clog; impediment; hindrance; check.


gist, encumbrance, limp, stoppage, intervention, cargo, essence, hobble, disturbance, interference, tour, check, core, deterrent, hindrance, payload, shipment, duty tour, hinderance, impediment, loading, onus, contraceptive device, rub, snag, halt, burden, stop, warhead, enlistment, arrest, consignment, term of enlistment, noise, hitch, stay, tour of duty, hang-up, load, effect, contraceptive, baulk, handicap, lading, lode, prophylactic device, prophylactic, preventive, birth control device, freight, preventative, balk.

Usage examples: