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Definition of indecision:

  1. Want of decision; want of settled purpose, or of firmness; indetermination; wavering of mind; irresolution; vacillation; hesitation.


suspicion, be thinking of/about doing something, decide, agonized, faltering, undecided, irresolution, irresoluteness, distrust, perplexity, indecisive, shilly-shally, vacillation, hesitance, wobbling, tentativeness, scruple, shilly-shallying, reserve, question, irresolute, misgiving, uncertainty, vacillation, timidity, suspense, indecisiveness, skepticism, hesitation, doubt, to-and-fro, torn, timidness, unbelief, disbelief, fence-sitting, be a toss-up, hesitancy, incredulity, wavering, pause, agonizing.

Usage examples: