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Definition of indecisive:

  1. Not decisive; not bringing to a final or ultimate issue; as, an indecisive battle, argument, answer.
  2. Undetermined; prone to indecision; irresolute; unsettled; wavering; vacillating; hesitating; as, an indecisive state of mind; an indecisive character.


competitive, agonizing, indecision, be thinking of/about doing something, dubitable, hotly, clouded, be a toss-up, devastating, convincing, friendly, dubious, unclear, equivocal, borderline, torn, handsome, agonized, indeterminate, vacillatory, decide, ambiguous, on the fence, certain, hot, halting, reserve, inconclusive, indefinite, hardball, undecided, hesitant, problematic, suspensive, problematical, doubtful, clear, vacillant, decisive, timid, questionable, comfortable, iffy, hesitating, pendulous.

Usage examples: