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Definition of indorse:

  1. To cover the back of; to load or burden.
  2. To give one's name or support to; to sanction; to aid by approval; to approve; as, to indorse an opinion.
  3. To write one's name, alone or with other words, upon the back of ( a paper), for the purpose of transferring it, or to secure the payment of a / ote, draft, or the like; to guarantee the payment, fulfillment, performance, or validity of, or to certify something upon the back of ( a check, draft, writ, warrant of arrest, etc.).
  4. To write upon the back or outside of a paper or letter, as a direction, heading, memorandum, or address.


support, fend for, bear out, put up, patronize, plump for, licence, bet on, confirm, tolerate, manifest, subscribe, gage, brook, substantiate, endorse, certify, underpin, second, stand, game, stake, bear, sustain, defend, corroborate, endure, suffer, license, back up, patronage, stick out, stomach, punt, plunk for, hold, keep going, hold up, abide, evidence, affirm, demonstrate, patronise, back, attest, digest.

Usage examples: