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Definition of induce:

  1. To bring on; to effect; to cause; as, a fever induced by fatigue or exposure.
  2. To draw on; to overspread.
  3. To generalize or conclude as an inference from all the particulars; - the opposite of deduce.
  4. To lead in; to introduce.
  5. To lead on; to influence; to prevail on; to incite; to move by persuasion or influence.
  6. To produce, or cause, by proximity without contact or transmission, as a particular electric or magnetic condition in a body, by the approach of another body in an opposite electric or magnetic state.


get down, bring around, touch off, bring forth, aim, dumbfound, hurry, belt along, lay down, induct, fix, rush, effectuate, pose, reach, make, set off, mother, experience, come, arrive at, start out, cannonball along, make water, baffle, pretend, excite, rush along, pay off, nominate, brace, argue into, puzzle, commence, step on it, hit, arrest, gain, shit, get to, pee-pee, scram, capture, relieve oneself, do, stool, own, bring in, occasion, persuasion, make up, ready, birth, pee, acquire, feature, piddle, name, urinate, incline, wee-wee, begin, stupefy, give birth, pelt along, become, constitute, expedite, nonplus, go, micturate, establish, deliver, catch, pass water, cause, hie, construct, initiate, pay back, result in, grow, hold, father, obtain, perplex, realise, develop, clear, festinate, let, hasten, beat, prevail on, talk into, bring out, set about, progress to, bring on, invest, haul, tow, lead, earn, prepare, take a crap, bucket along, lead to, stir, attain, get, seat, secure, pull in, work, race, accept, energise, have got, vex, start, find, shake, ingenerate, suffer, realize, ingest, puddle, take, piss, possess, speed, sire, form, crap, take a shit, spend a penny, receive, cook, build, contract, take a leak, stimulate, amaze, hotfoot, get under one's skin, score, look sharp, set out, wee, mystify, gravel, incur, defecate, sustain, arrive, consume, take in, ca-ca, flummox, pull, arouse, beget, stick, bugger off, tug, shake up, have, create, drag, buzz off, bewilder, perk up, make believe.

Usage examples: