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Definition of induction:

  1. A process of demonstration in which a general truth is gathered from an examination of particular cases, one of which is known to be true, the examination being so conducted that each case is made to depend on the preceding one; -- called also successive induction.
  2. An introduction or introductory scene, as to a play; a preface; a prologue.
  3. The act or process of inducting or bringing in; introduction; entrance; beginning; commencement.
  4. The act or process of reasoning from a part to a whole, from particulars to generals, or from the individual to the universal; also, the result or inference so reached.
  5. The introduction of a clergyman into a benefice, or of an official into a office, with appropriate acts or ceremonies; the giving actual possession of an ecclesiastical living or its temporalities.
  6. The property by which one body, having electrical or magnetic polarity, causes or induces it in another body without direct contact; an impress of electrical or magnetic force or condition from one body on another without actual contact.


institution, stimulus generalisation, concentration, bonding, knowledgeableness, ordination, baptism, amniocentesis, instatement, gun trigger, ratiocination, soul-searching, aromatherapy, abstraction, inductive reasoning, initiation, graduation, ceremonial, proof, selection, elicitation, certainty, bear, convocation, analgesia, the afterbirth, generalization, foreword, judgment, instalment, acupressure, antenatal, consecration, anesthesia, prologue, summoning, trigger, evocation, levy, words, preface, air resistance, centrifugal force, draft, give, conjecture, acupuncture, attraction, capillary action, investment, inductor, origination, focus, installing, demonstration, balance, start, calorific, inaugural, alternative medicine, consequence, aftercare, accept, communicator, reflection, acupuncture, generalisation, generality, conscription, baby blues, artificial feeding, assessment, eduction, prelude, prolegomenon, commencement, preamble, instauration, sequitur, consideration, creation, founding, ceremony, stimulus generalization, evidence, inauguration, arrive, commemoration, determination, facility, installment, birth, artificial insemination, amniotic fluid, centripetal force, inductance, absorbance, knowledgeability, reasoning, introspection, innovation, lead-in, introduction, dedication, overture, anti-choice, anaesthesia, conclusion, investiture, foundation, forethought, amplitude, rationalization, installation, baby shower.

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