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Definition of indulgence:

  1. An indulgent act; favor granted; gratification.
  2. Remission of the temporal punishment due to sins, after the guilt of sin has been remitted by sincere repentance; absolution from the censures and public penances of the church. It is a payment of the debt of justice to God by the application of the merits of Christ and his saints to the contrite soul through the church. It is therefore believed to diminish or destroy for sins the punishment of purgatory.
  3. The act of indulging or humoring; the quality of being indulgent; forbearance of restrain or control.
  4. To grant an indulgence to.


patience, lunacy, indulging, stupidity, pleasing, self-indulgence, waste, foolishness, intemperateness, grace, favor, unwiseness, daftness, decadence, greed, forbearance, betise, lenience, leniency, folly, mercy, spoiling, madness, toleration, allowance, lenity, tomfoolery, benefit, help, charitableness, pampering, toleration, humoring, charity, service, kindness, flakiness, hedonism, accept, good turn, craziness, insaneness, tolerance, foolery, imbecility, tolerance, gratifying, mildness.

Usage examples: