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Definition of inevitable:

  1. Irresistible.
  2. Not evitable; incapable of being shunned; unavoidable; certain.


in the cards, certain, unescapable, sure, needed, come rain or shine, destined, sure as blazes, unstoppable, unavoidable, irrevocable, fatal, unalterable, ineluctable, fateful, fixed, decreed, irresistible, needful, likely, possibly, probable, sure, decided, predictable, foreordained, assured, infallible, uncontrollable, necessary, ordained, unpreventable, cannot/can't help something, probably, bound, inescapable, prescribed, certain, without fail, guaranteed, expected, imminent, determined, undeniable, doomed, good, compulsive, impending, ineludible, predetermined, sure as shooting.

Usage examples: