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Definition of infernal:

  1. An inhabitant of the infernal regions; also, the place itself.
  2. Of or pertaining to or suitable for the lower regions, inhabited, according to the ancients, by the dead; pertaining to Pluto's realm of the dead, the Tartarus of the ancients.


blasted, unhallowed, hellish, Plutonian, like, blamed, god-awful, chthonic, devilish, goddam, goddamned, divine, blest, beastly, deuced, demonic, chthonic, confounded, blooming, damned, Tartarean, diabolical, diabolic, doomed, bloody, evil, darned, ogreish, goddamn, beatified, unredeemed, darn, satanic, hadean, ethereal, ghoulish, underworld, subterranean, fiendish, Stygian, sinful, lower, unholy, cursed, blame, accursed, blessed, damn, mephistophelean, mephistophelian, kind, chthonian, wicked, everlasting, ruddy, execrable, unsaved, curst, satanical, nether.

Usage examples: