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Definition of infertile:

  1. Not fertile; not productive; barren; sterile; as, an infertile soil.


unfertile, uninspired, pathetic, barren, defective, worthless, crop, hardscrabble, stark, cultivated, crop rotation, sterile, dead, cash crop, combine, fruitless, aseptic, pointless, purposeless, futile, sterilized, faulty, uninventive, unfertilized, sterilised, unimaginative, arable, crop circle, rich, impotent, useless, study at sterile, inefficient, infertility, fertility, be firing/shooting blanks, desolate, corn, fruitful, cultivate, bony, poor, unfertilised, ineffective, impoverished, impotent, unimpregnated, waste.

Usage examples: