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Definition of infinity:

  1. A quantity greater than any assignable quantity of the same kind.
  2. Endless or indefinite number; great multitude; as an infinity of beauties.
  3. That part of a line, or of a plane, or of space, which is infinitely distant. In modern geometry, parallel lines or planes are sometimes treated as lines or planes meeting at infinity.
  4. Unlimited capacity, energy, excellence, or knowledge; as, the infinity of God and his perfections.
  5. Unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity; eternity; boundlessness; immensity.


infinitude, inexhaustibleness, limited, continuum, ubiquity, sempiternity, unboundedness, expanse, continuity, infiniteness, eternalness, extent, space, timeless existence, infinite space, unlimitedness, measurelessness, eternality, immeasurableness, the beyond.

Usage examples: