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Definition of inflame:

  1. Fig.: To kindle or intensify, as passion or appetite; to excite to an excessive or unnatural action or heat; as, to inflame desire.
  2. To exaggerate; to enlarge upon.
  3. To grow morbidly hot, congested, or painful; to become angry or incensed.
  4. To provoke to anger or rage; to exasperate; to irritate; to incense; to enrage.
  5. To put in a state of inflammation; to produce morbid heat, congestion, or swelling, of; as, to inflame the eyes by overwork.
  6. To set on fire; to kindle; to cause to burn, flame, or glow.


kindle, take fire, foment, have, inspire, awaken, heat up, infect, enkindle, wake, galvanize, touch off, invoke, affect, egg on, propel, add fuel to the fire/flames, combust, make matters/things worse, heat, anger, raise, congest, tick off, motivate, waken, do more harm than good, ignite, rouse, conflagrate, worsen, impel, prompt, prick, roil, steam up, pique, catch fire, awake, provoke, instigate, work up, torch, redden, light up, incite, complicate, rile, spur, stir up, swell, commove, touch, set off, compound, hot up, raise up, wake up, madden, evoke, goad, help, shake up, come alive, elicit, cause, prod, move, incense, escalate, erupt, trigger, ire, fire up, outrage.

Usage examples: