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Definition of inflict:

  1. To give, cause, or produce by striking, or as if by striking; to apply forcibly; to lay or impose; to send; to cause to bear, feel, or suffer; as, to inflict blows; to inflict a wound with a dagger; to inflict severe pain by ingratitude; to inflict punishment on an offender; to inflict the penalty of death on a criminal.


cut down, claver, trim back, impose, saddle, cut back, chew the fat, inspect, chat, subvert, travel to, give out, chaffer, call, overthrow, natter, gossip, play, over, levy, cause, put down, overturn, chatter, give, see, lower, exact, take down, call in, confab, willing, visit, trim, lay on, wreak, strike, perpetrate, shoot the breeze, administer, claver, trim down, deliver, jaw, cut, require, enforce, let down, chit-chat, chitchat, apply, get down, dispense, reduce, stick, foist, confabulate, land, force, bring down.

Usage examples: